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Did your midwife delay cord-clamping when your baby was born?


We've just read a new study about the benefits of delaying clamping your baby's umbilical cord after birth – and it's made us wonder how routine it is these days for a midwife to delay clamping.

When I was having babies a few years ago, it was regarded as a bit weird to request delayed cord-clamping, and most babies had their cords clamped pretty darn quick after delivery. But now we hear that the Royal College of Midwives support a 3-minute delay in cord-clamping (assuming all is otherwise well with you and your baby).

So, what we'd really love to know, from you all, is did your midwife delay cord-clamping when your baby was born?

And did you discuss the idea of cord-clamping with your midwife before birth or during  labour? Or not? 

Please do let us know. We'd be so interested to hear about your experiences of this.


  • It was never mentioned to me whilst pregnant or in labour but ended up with an emergency c section in the end.

    It will be interesting to see how many ppl it was mentioned to though. Xxxxxx

  • I mentioned it to my midwife and she wrote it on my birth plan. My partner made sure to let the midwives know this when I was in labour. They were lovely and said they usually do it anyway ☺️

  • It was discussed at our NHS antenatal classes and we were encouraged to consider what we wanted to do prior to the birth, also whether we wanted the injection to bring about the third stage of labour (delivery of the placenta) or to let that happen naturally. We did some research and opted for delayed clamping (despite the true knot in DS's umbilical cord it seemed to go fine!) and a natural third stage. Don't remember it being mentioned at all when I had DD in 2012.

  • With my first in 2014 i asked for delayed cord clamping. I was told it wasnt something they did and the midwife scored it out my birthplan! I didnt ask this time, i told them. I was much more clued up on the fact that no matter what your situation, its your birth and your choices. No midwife or dr can tell you what to do (unless it really is life threatening of course). I had a emcs first time and i was so set on VBAC that i did hours of research on my birth. I got delayed cord clamping and opted for the injection. In the end my placenta wouldnt come away naturally and i had to go into theatre but i didnt mind as id had an amazing birth. The only thing id do differently next time is ill take a mirror so i can see it all haha!  Xxx

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