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Tell us about your baby’s first Christmas? Are you doing anything different or special?

Hi everyone,

We know there are many of you spending your first Christmas with your new arrivals, and we wondering are you doing anything different or special to mark the occasion? Perhaps you’ve bought your baby a special outfit, or are having your first family portrait together?

Whatever it might be, please do let us know by posting below.
And feel free to share any pics too!


  • We are organising a family Christmas dinner at our place and everyone will bring their presents here under our tree 😊 We have bought a "my first Christmas" sleepsuit. What is going to be special for us is spending time together. Out tree is not up yet and the presents are not wrapped but we are getting there 😀 

    We had a Christmas photo session with our little one 😊


    Merry Christmas!! 

  • This year we have another babies first Christmas on our hands...I thought last yet would be the last time I'd be doing this! 

    So Cammy is 8 weeks old now and we are having a family at home Christmas this year.


    Cammy getting into the festive season 8 weeks old.


    Harry now 13 months old 


    Lennon 3 years old....

    this years going to be amazing! Lennon is believing for the first year, Harry has enjoyed taking everything off the Christmas tree and we are hoping that come Christmas Cammy will be 10 weeks old and maybe settled a bit more xxx

  • It's a bitter sweet one here for me. Austin will be 10 weeks old and hasn't a clue but my girls won't be here this year as spending Christmas with their dad & their step family it's the first year they have gone and will be strange not having them here Christmas morning but we will enjoy cuddles in bed with our boy & Christmas morning TV. Oh and I have booked ourselves a Christmas meal rather than cooking for just the 2 of us which I am looking forward to and next year Austin will be 14 months the girls will be here and we can really enjoy Austin's first Christmas where he can be involved in all the excitement !! All that said we have lots to look forward to over the next few weeks in the run up & we have loved making the house festive for the occasion. image

  • Aw, all these pics are just lovely! Loving the sleepsuits and the reindeer antlers!

    And nice Christmas tree, cupcakemummy! Booking your Xmas meal sounds like a genius idea (wish I'd thought of that!)

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