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Hey...OK so I noticed that my 7 month old had thread worms in her poo last night so obviously took her to the docs today and she said yes it was indeed worms...she prescribed me ovex family pack and said were all to take 5mls tonight (me baby and my husband) so picked it up...and gave her the 5mls I then realised it says not recommended for babys under 2yrs! I know the doc has prescribed this for her but I'm a bit worried now that she may get poorly! Anyone else had this ovex before? image


  • Don't worry Ovex is good stuff and your GP 't have given it to you if there was any danger - it's just a caution on the box to monitor medication in babies. Those hideous little worms will be gones in no time - my niece gets worms ALL the time, and regularly has Ovex with no probs at all.

  • Aw thanks hun...yes I feel so bad for her poor baby! I just want them gone horrible little things they are arnt they! Xx image

  • They are so gross! I was only saying the other day with my sister inlaw, what would you rather have, worms or head lice! We both agreed worms cause they are so much easier to get rid of!

  • Haha yeah defo...yeah that ovex seems to have done the job! God I felt so awful for her my poor baby! I was so confused as to why she got house is spotless and everything is cleaned and sterilised! But the doc said it could of been anything someone with a bit of dirt under their finger nail! It's crazy how something so small can cause something so horrible! Xxx

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