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moany 9 week old

My 9 week old baby girl is constantly moaning and crying and there seems to be no reason at all. She's fed, changed and winded. She cries when I put her down and when she's in my arms so I'm fighting a losing battle. She doesn't like her playmate and gym, her swing chair nothing! I don't know what else I can really do to soothe her. The funny thing is she's only like this at home when we're out at relatives etc she's so content almost like a completely different baby so when I tell people she's constantly crying they find it hard to believe. Anyone else going through the same thing???


  • Ha my 8 week old is amazing when we r out and with other people. When we r home alone in the day she does the same thing...nothing pleases/soothes her and I run out of ideas! 

    the thing I mainly rely on is getting her to sleep...ill go for walk or drive. Then shes better when she wakes. its always my plan b...get to her sleep anyway possible lol 

  • Thank you for reply I was beginning to think I was alone lol. I take my baby for daily walks and she loves it, however the walk doesn't guarantee me that she'll fall asleep so once we're back indoors I'm back to square one. I know I'm not doing anything wrong it's just a little upsetting not being able to settle her. I'll keep trying different things somethings bound to work. Xx

  • Have you tried swaddling her cocoarise? That really helped to calm my son out of a tizzy when he was that little. 

    Try taking a look at 'the happiest baby on the block' 5 s's techniques... a combo of those can be pretty effective with a lot of babies... Hope it helps you... I know how tough those early weeks can be! 

  • Hello sw2

    Thank you for your reply :)

    I have tried swaddling her and she doesn't seem to like it very much which is strange because I know most babies like that tight feeling of being back in the womb, then again she doesn't really like blankets she kicks them off of or skirms out of them. 

    I will most definitely look at your recommendation though and see if any of those 5 techniques work. Fingers crossed!

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