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Baby with colic? How do you cope?

Does (or did) your baby have colic? You know, those uber-crying fits that last for hours – where you baby pulls up his or her knees and just screams and screams and scream.

We know it happens to loads of newborns, so we thought it would help to start a thread where we can share all thoughts colic – how often it’s happening with your baby, how it’s making you feel and what, if anything, seems to help.

Hopefully, we can all support each other through it – and maybe even share a few laughs through the colicky tears.

If your baby has, or had, colic, please do join us by adding a post to this thread. We’d love to hear from you!



  • hello ladies, 

    comapred to some I didn't have bad colic with my baby but at the first sign of any colic I didn't waste any time in buying over the counter I took him straight to the Docters who was very happy to give me anything that could prevent anything from starting  and he gave me colief to put in his bottles it's 4 drops every time and since he had it he never even had a touch of it since! I've learned recently it's rather expensive stuff when not on prescription but i rd a pharmacist recommending it to a mum and she said it's the best! X 

  • We give our little guy his vitamin D drop in the morning, and probiotic drops in the afternoon. We give him gas drops as needed (usually in the morning, afternoon, and before bed) and Nat Phos 6x, 1 tab about 3 to 4x a day dissolved in a tiny bit of water and given by a dropper right after a feeding. In the last 4 or 5 days he has shown much improvement. Sleeps at night more, notices his surroundings and is quiet calm and alert more during his awake times during the day, and doesn't mind being put down as much. Way less crying and acidic tummy/ gas issues.

  • I found a warm bath helped with my little one. Also good old gripe water in the bottles and we used anti colic bottles! We've weaned him off the bottles and gripe water now he's 3 months and he seems ok so far 😊

    It was horrible when he would just cry though. Me and my hubby took it in turns so it didn't feel so bad. His time to cry was usually between about 5 and 7pm x

  • Currently having my 4 week old suffering with colic. It's becoming exhausting- she's crying so much day and night!

    Have tried Infacol for the last week but no success yet. Should I see my GP then?

  • Charbar15...once they're a month old they can have gripe water in their feed. I found it much better than infacol with both of my boys. It's not very expensive, give it a try.

    It is exhausting though! Just keep plodding. I always used to think it's 10 times worse for the little ones 😭 xx

  • Charbar my LO was/is the exact same.  I went to docs as suspected silent reflux. Tried Gaviscon, which was rubbish. Got ranitidine.  Seen some immediate improvement but still unsettled and realised she was suffering with trapped wind.  Got gripe water yesterday and definitely helped. Gave her some at tea time, a nice bath and tummy massage and she slept from 8pm to midnight.  Had a feed at midnight and slept to 5.  Totally unheard of, she normally screams from tea time to 11/12pm.  Not sure what is working or a combination of all but will be sticking to this routine to see if this helps. Fingers crossed!

  • Thanks Mummy's- it's just so horrible for the little ones. Which then makes it horrible for us as mummy's!

    ill try all the suggestions and let you know x

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