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Visitor from TTC: need reassurance

Hello ladies,

Sorry to gatecrash your area, I know I'm not quite qualified to be in here just yet as starting TTC! 

I'm here for some very cheeky reassurance that I am really hoping you can provide- it's cheeky because it centres around the very sensitive topic of sexual health history. 9 years ago when I was 20 I contracted Chlamydia. It was from an ex-boyfriend, but I'm not angry with him about it- in honesty I didn't ask him if he was healthy before I agreed to the condom coming off, so I really can't get mad. But I believe I had it for 8 months before it was tested for and treated. I had nasty UTI symptoms but nothing worse than that. I'm not sure if it developed into PID (Dr never even mentioned the possibility, I found out about it on my own), or his next girlfriend after me overlapped and my delayed symptoms were actually not 'delayed' so much as new! 

Now with new partner and starting our journey of TTC, but I'm understandably worried about the possibility of damage, and seriously fearing infertility. I'm distracted by this anxiety to the point of being a complete nightmare. I know there are tests and we can go down the IVF route- that's if my partner doesn't end up hating me for ruining his chances at fatherhood. He is a wonderful bloke and I think he would be kind, but would he resent me? I don't know... scary thoughts image

What I'm looking for is any moms of healthy babies who had chlamydia or PID- for any length of time, and any severity- to let me know that it's possible to get pregnant. The statistics are ok, the medical information isn't.  It tends to focus heavily on negatives so as to frighten people into protecting themselves more carefully. Not very helpful when it's already too late!

It's a selfish request, but I think it will do wonders for my PMA, especially as I will have to wait a full year of TTC before any doctor will entertain the topic! 


  • No one out there with a happy story to share?! I know it might seem embarrassing, but I'm really hoping for some inspiring positivity! Please help! 

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