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Which baby classes or groups have you tried? Come and tell us all about them here!

Hi everyone,

We’ve spotted some of you are hitting the baby groups and classes, and this had us wondering, which classes and groups are you trying out? Do you think they're worth it - and why? 

Please do let us know by adding a post to this thread.



  • I take my son to 2 groups every week.... Both are free!! Our local library does 'storytime' where they read books, sing songs etc & a nearby church runs a music & dance class Which is more active & noisy!. I started taking him when he was 2 months old... Of course he wasn't getting a huge amount from it then but now at 7 months he loves them! He enjoys the songs, instruments, seeing other babies & it's so sweet to see him intently watching the storytime lady while she reads! 

    Good for me too... Chance to have a catch up with other mums & change of scenery! 

  • I've been going to 2 baby classes a week, one is a organised session that is £1.50 includes tea and a cake and even the babies do a little craft. The other was just arranged by a mum to have a room for free in a love centre and the mums meet and babies play. And we usually have lunch.  There is a local rhyme time which I'm going to try and go to every other week in loca library. I keep forgetting so far as it's just started.

    i have found it so helpful even for my own sanity to go to groups, I've met lots of mum friends, and being in a new area I knew no one! My lb is just nearly 5 months and is so nosey he loves being out and watching the other babies.

  • My son is 13 weeks and I took him to his first class on Monday. It is called bookbug and it's run at the library for free and they sing songs.

    Most of the mums sat in pairs so didn't talk to anyone but after the class I went for a walk with the pram and saw some lot walking too and was ignored when I went to say a passing hi so I'm reluctant to go back.

    I looked at swimming lessons but thought they were too expensive at £15 for 30min

  • I had a similar experience Katt1906, found the ladies really unfriendly and actually quite rude, felt like in the playground. I think it was because I missed the 1st week and they had got chummy already which is pathetic really. I paid £36 for 6 weeks but didn't go back. My library does a sing a long session so will be going to that and the local church does one also so gonna try that next week,, hopefully a friendlier group of mummies.x

  • I went to a baby massage course which cost £15 for 5 sessions..the mums in the group were lovely, but I didn't stay in touch with any of them and my daughter didn't get much out of the course itself, but it was lovely for her to interact with other babies.

    I've now enrolled to a sing and sign course which is £70 for 10 sessions.  I'm not sure how it will go, but it's good to get out and get involved, especially if you haven't got a group of mummy friends to meet with. 

    I'd love to take my little girl for swimming lessons, but can't find anywhere local that does them and at a reasonable price.

  • My daughter went to Baby Sensory classes for 3 terms (until she was too old to continue) and she started Waterbabies swim lessons at 7.5 weeks old and still goes now (22 months).

    My son has just started Waterbabies this weekend (again aged 7.5 weeks) and I've signed him up for Baby Sensory classes too but he'll only get half a term before it breaks up for summer so I'll see if funds allow us to renew that in September or not.

  • I go to pram fitness and 2 baby classes- baby sensory which I adore and water babies. I've been taking my little girl to baby sensory since she was 6 weeks old. It's been a joy to watch her go from the smallest where she would sometimes interact, to now the biggest  at 6 months where she takes everything in. I've made lots of mum friends through the class and am so happy I found it. Having the 'playtime' part of the class for mums to socialise has been so helpful. I feel like I can talk to the other mums about anything if I'm struggling. 

    Waterbabies is expensive but really worth it. Isla doesnt like being dunked at all but loves the water. The class is small and we've all gone on to the next chapter together which is sweet.

    I think it's really sad that people have left classes after people being rude. It's being a life line to make other mum friends with babies the same age as Isla. 

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