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Teething: what have you tried and what works? Please come and tell us here!

Hi everyone,

We’ve noticed quite a few of you have teething babies, so we thought we’d start a thread so you can share your tips.

Can you tell us what teething aids have you tried on your baby and what would you recommend? Maybe your baby has a favourite teething toy they like to chew on, or you might swear by something from the pharmacy?

Please do come and tell us what helps soothe your baby, by posting on the thread below, and hopefully we’ll get some great advice to share!



  • Hands down, Anbesol liquid. I found teething gels just slid off the gums, but the Anbesol liquid you dab straight on, and it really numbs (i know cause i used it in my mouth on an ulcer). We were also bought a Sophie the Giraffe chewy toy - it was a ring, not the classic giraffe one and my little girl loved that. We also used an amber bead necklace. Absolutely no idea if it did anything, but we kept it on until her last tooth popped out - then it just became a fashion accessory!

  • For my little boy we have an Amber Anklet and Sophie the Giraffe, so far so good they seem to be doing the trick 😊 Xx

  • My little girl chews absolutely everything! with my little boy who's now nearly 4 I just used teething gel and that seemed to do the trick so I'm trying my little girl with teething gel and lots of teething toys and she's coping ok so far, she has an amber bracelet aswell which I've heard worked for quite afew people including my niece so we'll see how we go! 😊

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  • I used dentinox teething gel bonjela didn't seem to do seemed to work great, teether that had been in the freezer and general teething toys..on the occasion if it was very bad I would give her calpol aswel only if she needed tho. 

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