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Babies at weddings: should they be welcome or not?

Hi everyone,

Wedding season is upon us and we know the issue of taking babies to a wedding is a bit of a thorny one.

So we thought we'd ask you what you think!

If you’re a guest at a wedding this summer, is your baby also invited? Or have you just assumed your baby is – as he or she is still so small?

And if you were getting married this summer (maybe you are!), would you allow babies at your wedding? Or not?

Please do come and tell us what you think – and why! – by adding a comment below. We’d really love to hear from you!


  • I am heavily pregnant and got married 9/4/16 my son was 15 months then and he ws there wouldn't have it any other way :)

  • We've been invited to a wedding in July and my son will be 5 months.

    He wasn't named on the invite so assuming he's not invited.

    My parents are on holiday and as it is on a Sunday everyone else is working on the Monday.

    As the venue is relatively close by my husband will stay until the end but I plan on driving rather than going on the bus and leaving after the dinner /speech so I can put him to bed. Means I only need a babysitter from 2-9.

    I'm not sure I would take him with me even if he was invited as it's not fair to have them out all day in a formal environment when its not my family wedding and I'm not staying in the hotel

  • We are going to a wedding reception in June (both children invited) when they'll be 23 months and 10 weeks of age. It's local so we will go for a few hours then come home.

    Then we have a family wedding (day and evening) they are both invited to in October.  It's 6.5hrs away so we've rented a cottage for a week and going to make a holiday out of it. They'll be 2yr 3m and 6 months old by that one. 

  • I'm getting married 1st august the twins will be 7 months old and they are definitely coming cutest outfits ever not sure I'm going to be able to hand them to my friend for our wedding night so may keep them with me and use a travel cot

  • We have my partners sisters wedding in July, our little girl will be 6 and is her bridesmaid, our little boy will be 8mths then. When we first announced the pregnancy last year the MIL suggested leaving our son with my parents all weekend, (we're staying the night before the wedding and night off due to travelling and the wedding being at 12.30 PM) my OH said if that was the case we wouldnt be coming, so they soon changed their minds and we're all going, although there are no other children invited at all so the iPad will definitely come in handy to keep our daughter entertained all day 😊 Xx

  • got a wedding next month, I declined the invite as it said no kids. We have moved area and all of the local family are going so we don't have a sitter. My husband will go for a bit but he said he will leave early as he feels like it's a bit rubbish going on his own.

    its really up to the people getting married but if my daughter isn't invited they can expect me to decline the invite. 

  • I think it's up to the bride & groom I wouldn't be offended if my 2 weren't invited. Infact we were invited to a couple of receptions recently and decided not to take them. 

    I personally think it's nice seeing the kids running around dancing. My youngest was 2 months old when she went to her 1st wedding and caused no problems other than who got a cuddle next lol. X

  • I think it depends on a few things, I wouldn't take them if they were not listed on the invite. If I thought it was going to be a long day or evening then I also wouldn't but one of us would have to leave early etc

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