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Prams - single or double ??

I'm still in early pregnancy but you know how it is you can't help getting carried away 🙈 I have a 2yo dd who will a month  away from 3 when the baby arrives. Do I need a single or double pram? 


  • Congratulations on your pregnancy :) I had the same dilemma, my DD was 28 months when her little brother arrived, we went for a single pram with a buggy board (gift from the grandparents) as I didn't want anything too bulky and wanted to encourage my daughter to walk as much as possible. She loved the buggy board and would ride on it when she got tired. She's three and a half now and never goes in a pushchair at all (scoots everywhere) so now we've scrapped the buggy board too.

  • It all depends on the child in question. I had 21mths between my girls & Eldest wasn't keen on walking  (we now know she's autistic) so we got a double pushchair & got good use out of it.

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