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Foods to bring out when being out all day??

Hi guys...I have a little girl who turns one this month and she's eating solids really well...we've not long introduced toast and small sandwiches to her she seems to be doing really well with them but still struggles a little. I was just after some suggestions about what sorts of food to bring out if we are out and about all day that with stay alright to eat if in containers. She has Jared and home cooked food all of which need heating there anything I could give her cold maybe (not ice cold obviously lol) she loves fruit but don't really want to be giving her fruit all day for obvious reasons. Sometimes it's difficult to be able to heat food up while out..I mean we always manage but is there anything more convenient I could be doing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you. 


  • hello. You could do some home made chicken goujons which are great to east cold - same with fish goujons too. Then there's cucumber/carrot sticks and a pot of humus to dip. Pasta salad is also great and you can all sorts of stuff to that like tuna or chicken with a bit of mayo. Cous cous salad too could be good, and some roasted veggies like broccoli and cauliflower mixed with some protein too. I make salmon cutlets which are a like a fishcake and these are really nice eaten cold. 

    Hope this gives you some ideas! 

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