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What did your friends and family think of your baby name?

Hi everyone, 

What did your friends and family think of your baby name choice? 

Did any of your friends or family reveal they didn’t like your chosen baby name? And if so, how did they tell you? 

Please do come and tell us by adding a reply to this thread - we’d love to hear from you! 



  • When I was pregnant my FIL put me off so many names as I'd say them and then he wouldn't say it right. It wasn't even like they were difficult names. I eventually settled on Patrick and he kept making comments and I eventually went well that's going to be his name so you probably should shut up about more comments were made. Until it came to the middle name... lol

  • I picked my sons name from the very beginning as it had a very personal meaning after losing a baby previosuly my OH side said they hated it and thought it was a joke. They actually sat  down and tried to give us different names. Now he is here they don't even call him by his name . They either make up a name or call him by his middle name instead. Only once have they ever called him by his name and he is almost 2 months old . Safe to say im losing my patience with it 

  • What name did you pick?

    I lack tact and I would tell them not to come back until they use his correct name.

    I correct people who call him Paddy as that isn't his name.

    I'd be telling my OH to sort it out if you're not the confrontational type

  • How rude not to call your baby by their first name....especially when it has such special meaning to you!! Id be fuming! 

    We've not had any negative comments, but one person jokingly said 'why did you give him a dogs name' which I didn't find overly funny!! People don't know when to keep their thoughts to themselves! 

  • his name is Malachi which means Angel in Hebrew 

  • Really?! I was expecting you to say something that's a bit more 'out there' if you know what I mean! That's a lovely name!! I can't believe how rude that is :( It's a lovely name, stick to your guns and tell them to call him by his real name! xx 

  • I think Malachi is a lovely name x

  • Thanks girls I havent seen them for a couple weeks iv  said to the OH they arint seeing him until they are less rude about his name 

  • Malachi is a lovely name was on my list. OH went for Timothy and some of our relative not fan of the name as feel it is very old. He sometimes get called "Uncle Tim".

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