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Going out in the evening without your baby: how old was your baby the first time you did it?

Hi everyone, 

We’ve just been reading about Strictly Come Dancing star, Kristina Rihanoff who attended a wedding when her new baby was 3 weeks old - this was her first time away from her baby since she was born (her granny babysat - hooray for grandparents!) -  and it got us thinking: how old was your baby when you went out for the first time without your baby in tow? 

Please do come and let us know by posting a reply to this thread. We’d love to see how different (or similar) your replies are…



  • I think It was about 4 weeks maybe when I went to dinner? I was out for about 4 hours and I missed him, but needed the break. And hubby has a new appreciation for how tough baby can be when you're on your own ;)

    but I had started going to the gym of an evening prior to that. And it was about an hour at a time. It was fantastic cos I feel energised and ready to deal with bubba - and I missed him like crazy so it was so nice to get home and cuddle him!!!

    at 6 weeks I think, hubby and I went on a date again - dinner and a movie - and left bub with my sister in law. That was harder for some reason - prob cos it was someone different looking after him that wasn't me or hubby. But glad we did it! And it's good for the baby too so he gets used to other people :)

  • Our baby was born in March and we've yet to go out for a night out. I've taken our eldest out with a friend and her daughter to a princess event and been to hairdressers alone  but that's it. Hubs and I are really needing some baby free time now, we've a couples night arranged with pals on 11th nov but that'll be dinner at 7:30  and then we will head home for about 10:30. It's hard x

  • I have a 4 year old and a 3 month old born 28th June. I went out about 5 weeks I think for drinks with my bf, my oh went on a 4 night stag do to Benidorm 2 weeks after we had our baby girl! I then went on a hen do the weekend after and we had the wedding the end august where my mom had my baby girl for the night. I go out on a proper night out with my bf once a month (twice this month ha) my oh goes to football matches and I get left on a sat nearly every week and he also works lates full weeks every 3rd week so it's lovely to get out!! For my sanity ha. I have a 4 year old as well as my 3 mo thank u old. Think I did well after a c-section. With my son I didn't go out for about 6 months and was near enough a house recluse didn't want to do anything so this time I found it loads easier to leave the kids with my oh ha. I love em to bits but you need to get out for your sanity! Let theor dad have them for a night and they realise what we have to do ha x 

  • Funnily enough I posed on one of the other threads about this yesterday. My oh has arranged for us to go out for dinner on sat, my baby will be 18 days. I had a mini meltdown (he doesn't know) and couldn't stop crying at the thought of leaving her (With his mum and her half sisters). I'm breastfeeding also so just feel it's too early. I've tried expressing and she didn't take to the bottle very well so im concerned she won't eat and will just be distressed x

  • My baby boy soon turns 4 months. Not been out without him yet and wouldn't want to. I am exclusively breastfeeding so he goes where I go, but I love it. He's my last baby so I want to enjoy every day before I have to return to work.

  • I just stopped bf at six months so that's played a big part in me not leaving her for too long 

  • Yesterday was the first time and he's 13 weeks Friday I cried lkl

  • I sound like a bad mom in my post ha. I cried leaving my first didn't want anyone other than my mom to have him but going bk to work I had to start leaving him. I've found it so much easier with my second  I've not breastfed though o wud be diff if so x

  • No you don't K85m! And sometimes it really is different second time around...

  • I think I left my son for first time when he was 8 weeks, it was a friends 30th birthday party, think I was gone about 5 hours, i was ebf  but my mum gave him expressed before bed and he would only wake once a night for a feed. After that it was about 6 months for first time overnight without staying with him for my and husband to go to a concert. He is starting nursery in a few weeks and is now really clingy with me so wish I would have left him a little more with parents to get use to it x

  • Elliott was around 6m when I went for a night out

  • Woops!...  With friends.  I was on edge all night and couldn't wait to get home.  I had post natal anxiety (untreated)  at the time so that played a bit part in how I felt (panicky and guilty). Fast forward a few months and I now make a habit of going out a few times a month with some girlfriends.  Nothing wild, just pub or cinema. Hubby and I have our first night out together next weekend,  just a band in the pub at the end of the street.  Our big kids are babysitting (they're 16 and 19) and we're not far if there's a problem 😊

  • We've really not had a night out together since Daniel arrived! Sad I know but as he's been such an unsettled little boy with his reflux it's not seemed fair to leave him with anyone else.  Touchwood his reflux is finally controlled so we may give it a go very soon. 

    i don't think it's ever too early to leave them though. as long as you're happy that the person looking after them can cope then why not have a break! lets face it these babies are hard work! 

  • Maybe I'm terrible but I don't feel guilty going out every now and again. We have gone out for dinner and either my mum or the in laws have looked after him and first did that about 6 weeks maybe. I've got a large extended family so they love looking after him during the day if I go to the hairdressers etc but he's never stayed over night without me so he always wakes up to me. I think it's good to get a bit of time where you can go out without the nappy bag and worry about a dirty nappy or vomit. It doesn't mean I don't miss my son and always love coming home. I suppose it all depends what comes up...if I had a wedding earlier then I'd go at 3 weeks but just a night out with the girls...I waited until there was no night feed lol.

  • with all 3 of my boys it's was around the 4week point, however the restaurant was only 5 minutes from grannies house, we only went for an hour and a half which was long enough for me at that stage. its lovely even for a short amount of time having that bit of time with partner, but even better when you get back to baby for lovely snuggles.

  • Ive got a 3 yr old and i havnt left her once to go clubbing or anything like tht. Thr only time id leave her is if she was at her nans for the night and i didnt leave her till erm... 3months? Xx

  • 1ST Baby - went out for thr first time 6 months,  2nd baby -3 months,  3Rd baby - 6 weeks. All depends on if you want to or not. You shouldn't feel pressured x 

  • I started back university when my wee girl was 4 weeks old. A day and a half a week and i am also breastfeeding. Just expressing enough for her for the time i am away. I really struggle leaving her but i didn't want to give up the one thing i have worked hard for. Plus i hope it will show her one day you need to work hard and make choices for your family and to make a better life for your self. I

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