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Floppy Larynx (laryngomalacia) - anyone any experience?


My 10 week old baby has just been diagnosed with a floppy larynx as well as a recessed chin which is all contributing to her noisy breathing, struggling to feed, pauses in breathing resulting in gasps for air, reflux etc. just to list a few.

We've had multiple GP, hospital and ambulance trips and finally, an ENT specialist has told us the above. We are now being referred to children's ENT specialist for the baby to have a camera down her throat to see what's happening.  

Has anyone had any experience with this???

Also, we are having home sleep study done... has anyone had one of these? I just have visions of the nurse sat at the end of our bed haha! Is it just a case of hooking her up to some monitors and coming back in the morning?

Thanks in advance!

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