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Baby teeth brushing help needed!!

my little boy has just turned 1... he has 8 teeth so we have been getting him used to the toothbrush since he was about 7 months... at that point I was more just letting him hold & chew on the brush rather than trying to get in there & actually brush his teeth as we were trying to just get him used it the toothbrush. 

Now though he is on iron supplements for anemia & it can stain teeth (liquid) so it says to be sure to brush teeth well. I am having a lot of difficulty getting him to even let me do 1 sweep of the brush... he clamps his mouth shut, cries, shoves my hands out of the way etc. I've resorted to holding his arms down & forcefully brushing just a couple of sweeps top & bottom. this is of course not ideal & will I know be counter productive as it's creating a neagtive experience for him but I'm at a loss to know what to do! If it wasn't for the iron staining I would just continue letting him chew on it for now rather than trying to actually brush yet but with the iron staining it's important to brush!

anyone got any advice they an share on how they got their little ones to allow them to help brushing their teeth?



  • Hi There,

    Sorry you are having trouble!  Not to put you off, but its sometimes a fight with my 4 year old to brush his teeth, still!!! Lol.

    Have you let your little one hold a toothbrush whilst you go in a brush his teeth?  It might divert his attention just for that first few seconds whilst you can get a few good brushes in?  Have you tried the different flavours of toothpaste?  Maybe the one you are using is too strong?  Could you or your partner brush your teeth with him whilst the other one sneaks in there?

    Sorry if you have tried these already!

    Jodie xx

  • Thanks swanny!! I really appreciate your advice! I usually brush my teeth in front of him at the same time he's 'brushing' his to try & get him to see it's ok but yes a distraction while I initially try & get a few brushes in might help! i will give him another toothbrush to hold & see if that helps! I will also try your advice about getting a different flavor toothpaste... I don't think it's that as he chews on the brush fine... but it's worth a try! youve g me an idea too to maybe try a different toothbrush too... maybe the one he has is too hard or something... it's a special baby one but I know there are other varieties so that's worth a try! 


  • No problem :-)

    Everything with children is just so confusing and there are too many choices, and too many different ways to do the same thing!  I really wish sometimes there was a rule book that just told you how to do it! 

    My youngest is 10 months, and all he does when we brush his teeth is suck the toothpaste off it! Lol.

    Yes, a different toothbrush might help :-)  Is it a soft brush one you have?  I think 1 is a funny age isn't it?  When they are a bit older you can almost bargain with them and bribe them, but at 1 year old its very tough!

  • brush his teeth to a song

  • Thanks 00000... We do that! I havr tried both playing his favorite nursery rhyme songs as well as singing a tooth brushing song... still a no go!

  • have you tried finger brushes, not sure where you get them but sure I've seen them that go over your finger and use them? my son is 20 months so no other suggestions sorry x

  • Thanks ahead! I am using a regular baby toothbrush right now but I've seen those finger ones at babies r us... I'll get one... can't hurt to try! 😊

  • That should say gaeaf sorry! It got autocorrected to 'ahead! 

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