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Baby with brain injury at birth


I am starting this thread in the hope of getting some reassurance or to discuss how others coped in my situation. I have a baby girl who is 11 weeks old, born via emergency c section and at birth we were told she had some degree of brain injury. She had a MRI scan at two weeks old which showed global hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, the consultant told us she may have some degree of CP but didn't say much else other than the MRI was a piece to a puzzle and that we should watch our baby. 

 main reason I have started this is we have been in and out of hospital for the past few weeks with what we thought and some doctors have said are typical reflux symptoms, gowever she does not stop crying and I am wondering if anyone had a baby similar to our situation and did you experience the non stop crying and we're there other neurological signs? or has anyone had a baby with reflux that has not responded to treatment, she did initially but short lived and won't feed properly.

when he has been examined from a neurological point of view, the doctors have said she examines fine and have no concerns, she has seen many doctors. i know she is only 11 weeks old but is meeting developmental milestones so far, we have been reassured. 

Thank you. 

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