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Baby won't stop crying

hello im a new first time mum. My baby is now 6 weeks old and until week 5 he has been great. Rarely ever cried and slept quite ok at night (fed every 4 hours at night) now since last week he's been a nightmare to deal with im starting to dread his awake time. He constantly cries and cries and I can't figure out what's wrong his crying gets worse in the evening after 4pm feeding and from then till 8-9 when he will finally go down for sleep it's constantly trying to keep him calm as he just cries. We changed his bottles to Mam anti colic bottles and switched his formula to anti reflux and he's a bit more managable now but still a lot of crying. I can't figure out what he wants from me it feels like he hates me. He cries as soon As he wakes up from a nap and won't lie down whether in his cot or in bed next to me as he'll be constantly crying but even when being picked up he still cries non stop then sometimes even more than when he was just lying down. Getting him to sleep became difficult as even when he has good couple of hours and is content being in my arms and looking around he will keep yawning and after a while of this and not drifting off he'll start crying and will carry on until he starts dosing off to sleep. Im at my limit now as he not only always cries but I can't do anything at all as I have to have him on me constantly and even then he's not happy. Please help 


  • They typically go through a lot of growth spurts as a newborn & these can see them wanting to feed more, wanting to sleep more, wanting reassuring cuddles. Try offering a few extra feeds (if formula fed offer smaller amounts more frequently) & see if baby is happier.

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