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New baby: feeling bullied and isolated :(

Hello, my name is Sapphire and I'm a new parent to a 4 month old baby boy. He's really my world and I love him to pieces. I'm 22 years old and he was planned with my husband. 

When in was pregnant with him, I felt the vines from peoppe were very controlling and forceful. My side of the family have always loved to boss me and no round and make me feel so very small. My husbands side of the family literally wanted to be in our marriage with us it feels to me. They are nice but interfering and sulky sometimes. 

When I was due my husbands grandma said she wanted to be at the birth and everyone else wanted to come the second after I gave birth. I told them no because I need time adjust and I'm a very private person and to me I'd like to bond with my baby before everyone just snatches him from me. 

Theyou appeared to not happy with my request and backed off to make me feel guilty about it but I stuck to my words. Now, when we go to his grandma's house it seems everyone has a go at me for doing something wrong (because it's not their way) and it can be down to dressing, changing, or holding him. Everyone else has complementEd saying how big he looks for his age and how chunky he is etc. But my family and his side can't get enough at throwing their opinions in my direction and it makes me feel so angry and undermined like I'm doing such a crap job. My sons still alive so I can't be a sh#t as I thought. Sorry for the rant guys! I really need help on how to deal with this as it's really getting me down and I almost don't want anyone to come around to my house or touch him anymore because they can't say anything nice. 


  • Have you spoken to your husband about this and how his family are making you feel? I would expect him to stand up and back you up and be there for you and if he is not it is purely not good enough of him. you are his wife and the mother of his child and he shouldnt let anyone be undermining you or making you feel as if you arnot good enough.. As for your own family i would tell them to back off, you are this childs mother, he is healthy and happy and if they want to see him, then great but when they do you expect them to show you respect.. I hope you rewsolves this because it you dont it will lead to long years ahead of people making you feel bad x

  • Thank you x that means a lot and he doesn't he stays quiet most of the time or he simply avoids them and I'm left to fight them alone. 

  • Try asking for his support?

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