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Do we really need to be so worried about sterilising and cleaning?

hey all! 

I don't want to o sound like like bad mum, in fact I'm far from it but I must admit some of the warming she on baby stuff and cautions that others take are so unnecessary, my lo is 4months, she's hadn't a cold twice which she dealt with really well! I feel some of the things we are told to do are just too much for healthy babies, I used to eat sand as a child, I feel it's good for my baby to discover germs and her immune system will learn to cope, I say this because I don't want her to grow up and not be able to handle certain illnesses like common colds. I don't sterilise her bottles every day in fact I do it once or twice a week, I don't bath her every day I do tht twice a week, I'm not as cautious because she is healthy. Ill let her play on the floor and i wont use disinfectant all the time. She will get sick and she won't like it but her body will deal with it as best it can, I think we take too much caution with healthy children. I would like your views!! :) 

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