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6 month old baby not sitting yet

Hello ladies,

My 6 month old isn't sitting yet. All other babies this age that I see seem to be doing this already. Its causing me extreme anxiety which is affecting my sleeping and my relationship with my husband. Any reassuring words would be much appreciate. 

Thanks x


  • Please don't worry about your baby not sitting up yet - they all do things in their own time, and you'll find this for years to come - your baby will hit their milestones at different times to loads of other babies - some before other babies and some after. Both my kids didn't walk until REALLY late - (18 months old) where my niece who was born the same time was up and walking at 10 months. 

    honestly hon, you will drive yourself mad worrying about things like this, just take very day as it comes. 

  • Ah thank u Hun for your reply. It's really sad because I can't enjoy motherhood or my mat leave because of the worry and anxiety. And I isolate myslf because I can't bare to be around other babies her age who are doing all these things that she isn't. She sits and plays quite well in her inflatable donut thingy as if she loses her balance then she can push herself back into position. I just been to keep telling myself that she will get there in her own time. xxx

  • Hiya Broody, i thought id give u some reassurance, please dont worry about your 6 month old not sitting yet most dont at that age you would be surprised. I work at a setting and care for babies from 6 weeks. Please try not to worry the only thing you can do is encourage and support her be yourself eg sit her between your legs and then slowly moving away for a little time then repeating this etc 

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