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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in May 2017 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby (we think there's still a few of you to have your babies, please come on over here) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in May 2017 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born May 2017), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a lovely, friendly lot!




  • Ooh how exciting, somewhere for us to conti chatting and see if anyone decides in any more babies soon 😂 Definitely won't be me though xx

  • Awww.... lovely! Will be nice to keep in touch and share mum stories 😍 

  • imageI had to give in and give Edward a dummy. He kept asking for milk having a sip but then falling asleep. I'd put him down and the process would start again. The dummy has been amazing! Slept from 10pm until 4am and then form 4:30 until 6 (when hubby woke us up getting ready for work). 

  • None of mine have really took to a dummy but I've had to do the same with Jacob, little monkey. As long as they're happy and content. That was a very good sleep Edward had. He's such a cutie. Still can't believe theyre all here now. 


    My two boys, my older boy always wanted a brother to share his room with him when he's older and he's over the moon. My two girls are besotted with their baby brother too. Xxx

  • That's a lovely pic Sonny. Does Jacob look like his brother did as a newborn? Can tell they are brothers already 💙 

  • Oh most definitely. This pic is of Luca when he was around 4 weeks old image

    Its like they're twins born 5 years apart. So cute thoug. Thanks Hun xx

  • Hi everyone! Loving the pics ❤ my two could also be twins born 4 years apart. The resemblance is crazy. Lucie slept 11 til 3 then 4 til 7 last night so for 1 week old and breast Fed I was delighted as the night before she cluster Fed 11pm til 3am lol. 

    Lucie suffers terrible hiccups causing her to be sick alot. No amount if winding helps it's such a shame. Think my milk flows too quick at times for her.

    How's the cord situation for everyone? Lucie is close to losing hers but it looks bit yucky underneath. 

    Lucie hated her 1st bath be seemed to enjoy last night's. 

    Here's my two girls both 1 day old...

    image the other images where they look alike are on iPad. 

  • Edwards cord fell off around day 9 or 10. His cord looked disgusting before it fell off but the midwives all seemed to think it was ok. I suppose it is technically dying flesh... 

    Lovely pics of your girls Natalie! Is Millie made up with her new sister? 

  • Jacobs cord fell off on day 4 and then the scabs on his belly button kept bleeding on and off for about a further week but all is good now. Once the cord is off, just keep it clean and dry. 

    When I had my first, the midwives use to give you a little bottle of antiseptic talcum powder that you had to sprinkle on their belly button, but when I had my second 9.5 months later, theyd stopped using it. It was fab stuff. 

    its mad how much they look like their siblings isn't it? 

    Beautiful pics xx

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  • Beautiful photos everyone! Here's Živa on my lap this morning looking like she totally didn't keep mummy up all night! image


    Kirsty - I have also experimented with the dummy but she's not much of a fan. She also ends up fed every two hours dummy or not lol. Very hungry baby this one lol. 6 days old and she's added 200g up on her birth weight

    Her cord fell off yesterday, just a little jelly scab in her naval now. So gross haha


  • Hello all. Still in hospital today and melting in the heat. 

    Anyone else passed blood clots ? I had one today and now being monitored but only cause have lost a lot of blood in theatre

    Loving baby pics...All these babies are super cute! Amazing that we have them with us now! 

  • Hope you're back home and more comfortable soon Louise. x

    I haven't passed any clots that I'm aware of. 

  • I passed a few small clots but then around day 9 I passed a huge clot (slightly bigger than a golf ball). Showed the midwife a pic and as I'm not painful to touch or feverish she suggested it might just be pooling blood. 

    Edward was 3 weeks old on Sunday just gone and I'm still bleeding 😕 It's only a small amount now but I'm so sick of it and it's getting me down. Had to start back on the pill too which I'm sad about as wanted to try for baby 2 so they would be close in age. Hubby says we can't afford it though 😕

  • Hi everyone, lovely to see you all on the this baby thread - can you believe all those babies are now here?

    We hope you're coping well with your newborn and the visitors aren't too much?

  • Hi everyone. Baby Karson is an absolute dream. He's now just over 8lb. He is so content apart from when he wakes up he expects the bottle to be there ready for him. Lol. And he certainly doesn't like having to wait. We also caved in and tried a dummy. Sometimes he loves it and others he knows there's no milk coming out of it lol. My boobs are still very painful. I look like iv got implants. My right side is a lot more painful. I mentioned it to midwife yesterday and she said to mention it to doctor as he may be able to give me something to dry the milk up quicker. 

    Had to have an emergency kitchen sink bath this afternoon as him bum exploded haha. 

    He's sleeping really well. He can go a good four hours between feeds at times which certainly helps us. 

    He's 6 days old now and cord still attached at the moment. I'm loving every second and his two big brothers can't get enough of him. 

  • Morning all, how are we all doing? 

    We're doing good, tired, but good. Harper is only waking once through the night for a feed at 2:30ish from 11 which we aren't complaining about but my god she screams if you are late. 

    Her cord fell off the night before last, looks a little weepy though so we are just bathing it with water and cotton wool. 

    Ladies with stitches, and stitches "down there" in particular...i'm day 9 and they're still stinging. I had a look with a mirror and just about passed out (because im a light weight) so i got hubby to look. He said it looks red and sore but couldn't see anything other than a cut really. I guess im asking, has anyone else experienced stinging past the first few days? I don't really want to go to the doctors because im obviously still bleeding and its a bit awkward. 

    Got the health visitor coming tomorrow so not sure what to expect. Have you all had your visits yet? 

  • Blue, I didn't have stitches down there as I had a section but remember the health visitor is there for you as well as baby. They kept an eye on my scar for me so I'd mention your concerns to her first and see what she says about whether you need doctor or not. 

    How is everyone coping with the heat? Mine had been sleeping really well at night but had a nightmare with them last night, think they were just too hot, I know I was! Had the overhead fan on but still didn't seem to help. Xx

  • Thanks kmurph, seems to ache this morning instead of sting but im sure that will come later on again. 

    She seems to be coping with the heat quite well, i think she was a bit warm and fed up at 5am this morning because shes managed to mess up her routine (not fixed yet) by an hour. She woke up after her feed thinking she wanted another but eventually settled for the dummy. 

    I did my first slight of hand magic trick this morning. She was expecting her dummy just after i changed her but she actually got 2 squirts of infacol. The look of betrayal on her face! I felt awful lolimage We're going for our first walk up to the MIL shortly :-) 

  • Morning! Waiting for mw coming to do day 10 check and discharge us. I am currently feeding Lucie the milk boob monster who has sick on her vest and all over my mismatched pjs so hope I get time to change us first 😂

    Lucie cord came off and so far looks ok. She seems to get bad hiccups alot hence the sick. Any others experiencing This? No amount of winding and burps seems to help.

    As for the heat, I have no idea how to dress a baby in it. My last was a winter baby so it was all about the layers. But it's already mid 20s before 10am. Feels weird if I put her in a legless sleeveless romper cos she is so small and skinny lol. Why have you been dressing your bubs in? And as for pram if we go out what do I put on her... so confusing! 

    I passed some large clots first few days at home but the said if I felt fine it was ok. Still bleeding but not much. Seems worse when I feed!

    Got some sleep last night 8 til 1130 then 1230 til 4 when the cluster feed began. Felt good at 6 but stupidly went back to sleep til 730 and felt awful lol.

    Nice seeing all the babies are doing Well!


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