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Health visitor recommended dummy (pacifier) for newborn to avoid SIDS - is this normal?

Any help would be much appreciated - not heard of this before...


  • My health visitor didn't say it her self but she did give me a booklet to look at on information on prevention of SIDS and it recommended a dummy in the booklet, I think it's pretty normal advice although I'm not sure the reason why. But by baby refuses to take a dummy. Sorry I can't help more x

  • Yep my hv said it would help but said to only use it to settle her at night and to take it away when she was asleep xx

  • My health visitors didn't mention this at all. But my baby won't take a dummy anyway.

  • Mine said "if you give her a dummy in the day, try to give it her at night too because it reduces the risk of sids". My baby is quite happy to go to sleep with it but either spits it out, pulls it out or sleeps with her mouth wide open so it falls out. It also said similar in the "safe sleeping" leaflet we got given on the way out of the hospital. 

  • Thanks everyone for your advice, I might give it a go - just thought it was weird I hadn't heard of it before!

  • My hv didn't say it but it's in the sids advice leaflet itbwas given. I have a BF baby who hated the carsest but equally hated dummy. I was recommend nuk genius soothes and she takes it for in car seat no problem but refuses it for bedtime. These are very small and replicate the shape of nipple during feeding of anyone wants there baby to have a dummy I recommend these. My nearly 5yo never have a dummy and it wasn't mentioned to used it during that time so I assume it's new research.

  • My hv recommended a dummy 5 years ago with my daughter and again this year with my third child. She said it's because it keeps the airway open more, and they are no recommended for use upto 6 months. She said once they asleep it's fine for it to fall out.  All three of mine have been different with a dummy. My first had one till three months then just point blank refused it. My second still has one for bed now, she's a nightmare with it. And my third refuses to entertain one. 

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