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Eczema and sleepless nights

I have an 8 month old daughter who never has any naps during the day and at night wakes every 20-30 mins scratching because of how itchy she is. She has eczema and her skin doesn't even have that many flare ups but it still affects her sleep. I haven't slept longer than 30 min intervals since she was 3 months. Any tips?


  • i would suggest going to the doctor As it sounds pretty uncomfortable for her. The doctor can take a look and prescribe creams (such as a hydrocortisone cream) and / or bath emollients like 'oilatum' which could help soothe her skin. 

    If you are concerned about using prescription creams like the hydrocortisone you could first try using coconut oil... it is super soothing and all natural... I used it on my sons cradle cap when it was really bad & id tried u other things & it cleared it up super quick. I've also known people use it for sever nappy rash & had great results so it might be worth trying that first. 

    hope she gets some relief!

  • Thanks for your tip... coconut seemed to flare it up which led me to use hydracortisone but as soon as I stop using it, it gets worse and I can't carry on lattering steroids on her. That's all the doctors have suggested 

  • Bummer! 

    sorry that that's all they can suggest! You can buy oilatum bath emolient (there's a special one for babies) over the counter so that might be worth a try... other than that... I'd go back and ask for a dermatologist referral

  • Ah thanks! I didn't know there was a bath emolient. I'll give that a go and see if it helps! Thanks x 

  • My little boy who is 15 months have been suffering from eczema from the day he was born. It got so bad that he could never sleep for longer than 20mins a time. our GP started prescribing hysrocortisone since he was 6months old. We used to only use  it once a week as we have heard too many stories about how it thins your skin. 

    After much research and speaking to the paediatric dermatologist, it is clear thin hydrocortisone is a very very very mild steroid and is completely safe to use everyday. For the past couple of months, for his night time routine, we have been using a combination of daily hydrocortisone, with a thick layer of hydromol ointment (a non medicated moisturiser prescribed by doctor - very greasy but great to use on top of hydrocortisone), plus making him wear a wrap suit (worn wet or dry).

    in the morning we use Chuckling Goat Baby Kefir lotion with hydromol on top. We find this kefir lotion calms the skin right down so do visit Chuckling Goat's website And take a look at their reviews online.

    i only bathe my baby a couple of times a week in luke warm water. I Usually cover him in hydromol ointment beforehand.

    now his eczema is under control and he can sleep through the night. the only flare ups he has are usually due to exceptionally hot weather or travelling on long haul flights (very dry). Babies need their sleep to develop and grow. hydrocortisone isn't as scary as many would say.


  • Oh I'm so glad you said that because I was so worried I was using hydrocortisone too often, especially on my little babies face cos that's where her eczema is worse. I've never heard any of the products you mentioned and will definitely try it if it worked for you. What do u suggest for the scalp? She itches it so much and I've been told not to use hydrocortisone on the scalp as it will thin hair growth and damage her hair as she gets older.. Im so worried she won't develop properly if she doesn't get optimal sleep. She was a very colicky baby when she was born so has never had a peaceful nights rest 

  • Im so sorry your little one is suffering :( I suffer myself from it and know how awful it is. 

    I've recently come across some cream thats natural and safe to use from newborns, it's had some good reviews from people, not saying it cured it but Soothed a lot. It's called child's farm and I got mine from boots. They do everything from moistruisers to shampoos. 

    Hope they feel better soon 💗 x

  • I use hydromol for the scalp, it does look very sticky and greasy when you put it on but because it is an ointment and not a cream, the hair actually becomes quite soft and fluffy after a nights sleep.

    chuckling goat has amazing reviews for poeple with problem skins.

    good luck xx

  • I have child farm, I heard so many good reviews about it but sadly it didn't do much for my daughter... I'll try the other stuff mentioned! Thanks ladies 

  • Hi mums,

    My daughter has who is turning 3 next week has been suffering from eckzma for 2 years now and me and my husband have been discussing whether the washing machine has had an effect. As it is her birthday soon, i will be getiing clothes from relatives which she may be sensitive to. Any advice for which washing machine fellow mums use?

  • I highly recommend a brand that can be purchased in Boots

    Its called KOKOSO costs about £7 on offer atm for £5 all natural if you google it you will see  x 

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