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Moses basket, cot, baby box or pod: what did you put your newborn in? 

Hello everyone, 

When your baby was born, did you use a Moses basket, a baby box, a pod, a cot or something else entirely?  

Please do come and tell us what your bed of choice was for your newborn, by posting a reply to this thread and feel free to share a pic too if you like; we’d love to see them too. 



  • The Moses basket initially but found the stand for it annoyingly large so moved him into the pod my mum had bought for him. It was much more portable and he liked being cocooned I think! Ours was the toddle pod and he still uses it now for daytime naps at his childminders. 

    Here he is at about 6 weeks old!


  • We used a swinging crib 😊

  • I have the uppababy vista pram which is rated for overnight sleeping in the carrycot so Charlotte slept in that until she got too big for it at 3 months. Then we bought a swinging crib which she loved because she could see out of it. We disabled the swing though because she'd rock it and then fall to one side and not be able to get back, causing distress. 

    We moved her into her cot in her own room at 4.5 months. She was getting too big for the crib too! (She's about 125th percentile in height!!) 

    I miss her in our room...sometimes!

  • We used a pod as it seemed the most portable choice. I had heard Moses baskets were very large and awkward to move about.

    I have never used a swinging crib but have heard great reviews on them from friends - maybe for future baby sage's lol!!

    I hope this helps!!

  • With our first two we used a swinging crib. Our first till he was about four months then into a cot as he was bashing himself on the sides. Our second was in it till she was 12 weeks, then into a cot in her own room as we were disturbing her when we went to bed. And our third was in a moses basket, but only because we were given one, and she went I to the swinging crib at four months. She's six months now and just about outgrowing it. 

  • Someone gave us a moses basket. We have had no problems with it. Just bought new bedding and mattress for it. She's 15 weeks (3 and a half months) and still in it. She is looking quite big in it now.

    Hope this helps



  • We used a moses basket but she outgrew it at 4 months so that's when I moved her into her cot in her own room. She's now just over 9 months old & starting to sleep better 

  • My lb is 5 weeks old and we have a bednest for our bedroom and downstairs he either sleeps on his poddle pod or in his napper he prefers his pod tho because he can look around if hes awake 


  • My hospital gave us a baby box which I wasn't sure about but was fab we used it for down stairs naps and he had a Moses basket for upstairs it's now used as a toy box 

  • This is sooo interesting - we expected to see a lot more Moses baskets popping up! Thank you for sharing everyone, and please do keep telling us what your baby uses! 

  • Both my kids used a Moses basket then went into their own cotbed when they out grew them (son at 4 months, daughter at 5 months).

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