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HELP! 3 Week old baby has been crying day/night after feed since 3 days old

Hello really need some help as i am a new mum and will listen to anybodies advise as i hate seeing my little girl like this. This is quite long so i will start from the beginning!

My little girl was 3 days old when she started crying/screaming after every feed (yes she is bottle fed) it takes me an hour to feed her and then another hour to settle her. She was on SMA pro at this stage and by day 6 we started infacol 5 minutes before every feed. On day 7 she cried for 7 hours straight and I called my friend who is a midwife because i was concerned! She told me to change to Aptamil Comfort to treat colic, change to tommee tippee anti colic bottles and also change to a size 2 teat as she was struggling to feed. By day 17 of no sleep I decided to go to the doctor for his opinion (my health visitor is rubbish and has been no help at all!) He put her onto Gaviscon for silent reflux however this hasn't done anything except make her constipated! On day 19 I tried her on gripe water and this still hasn't made a difference. I've been to reflexology and learnt how to do this and also baby massage classes but nothing seems to help at all. She will only sleep in my arms but then I cant sleep so my eyes are held open by pegs!!! Someone has told me about their little one and they were the same, they decided to change their milk to SMA Soya, has anyone done this? did it help? I don't know what else to do!!

Thank you!




  • Hi Lucy,

    congratulations 😊 Sorry you are having such a hard time. I went through a similar thing. My son is now 3 but we had an awful time trying to feed him and settle him. No sleep,Prescribed gaviscon. Etc. 

    Does your daughter suck the bottle ok? My son was 100 % tongue tied. So would really struggle to feed causing terrible colic. 

    when I went to the Gp he actually laughed at me and said "no he doesn't have tongue tie. I think the lack of sleep is effecting you now" I was pretty sure he did as I had researched it and my sons looked like the pictures and he had all the symptoms. I went private and found it was 100% tied. 

    He also has a cows milk allergy so would projectile vomit every feed. And was causing awful cramps. 

    You could ask the dr to prescribe you with nuramegen milk to see if it makes a difference. Just say you would like to try it. That's what I did and within a few weeks of that and the tie snip he had improved massively . 

    I hope you manage to get some sleep soon xx

  • Post withdrawn at user's request

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