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What were your best and worst baby buys? Share your recommendations and non-recommendations here!

Hi everyone,

Today we’re talking baby products. We would love for you to tell us your best and worst baby buys.

So, which products couldn’t live without now that you have a baby? And that you’d recommend to all the mums here? And which products did you buy and then not really use? Or use but not really rate?

Please do come and share your best and worst buys here: we’re so interested to know what you'd recommend and what just didn't work for you.


  • Best
    Tommy Tippee bibs as they're padded around the neck and helped soak up milk which dripped out of my babies mouth
    Bugaboo Bee - love that buggy so much
    Tommy Tippee Perfect Prep - changed my life!
    Baby car seat mirror so i could always see my girl while driving

    Medala breast pump - so many bits, so unpleasant
    Baby swing seat - used it for a week and it was enormous

  • Prep machine, dr browns bottles, mam dummies with box All must haves

    water wipes , baby carrier waste of time 

  • Recommend - perfect prep machine, swinger as he loved it, ewan the sheep, merlin sleepsuit is a defo!!!

    do not recommend - lots of new clothes, moses basket as baby grew out of this in a few weeks, shoes Are a waste. 

  • I'd definitely recommend the NSAUK travel cot. It's pricey but so useful - essentially a tent (but approved for travel cot use). It provides UV protection, has mosquito nets, is pop-up, lightweight and very portable. We've taken it on a few holidays in our suitcase and out for picnics on hot days etc. The big one can be used as a play tent until around age 4 so well worth the price tag in my opinion. 

    The Antilop highchair from Ikea has been brilliant for us - cheap, easy to take apart to transport, and wipe clean! Even if you don't buy the highchair, I'd recommend the inflatable cushion that comes with it to take to restaurants etc for their often-quite-roomy highchairs. 

    Matchstick Monkeys are great teethers for young babies as they are easy for small hands to hold - our daughter used hers with ease from 8 weeks. 

    A lie-flat car seat if you'll be going out places in the car and then walking around for a long time (i.e. longer than the recommended time to keep a baby in a normal car seat). I loved not having to bother taking the pram carry cot out in the car with us when she was younger. What I didn't realise though is that most lie-flat seats aren't allowed on planes (as they're too long to fit properly) so we ended up buying a second car seat in the sales to take on holiday. Worth bearing in mind. 

    Tesco baby clothes! Inexpensive, fun styles and reasonable quality. 

    What not to buy? I don't think I've had any true shockers. I know a lot of people would disagree but I don't think I'd buy a bottle steriliser next time. I've read a few things about it not being necessary unless your baby is premature or ill, so we stopped using it months ago, just washing in hot, soapy water instead. NHS advice is still to do it though so I can see why people would not be with me on this one!

  • I think it really is each to their own here. My big waste was a perfect prep that was bought in case I didn't manage to breastfeed and it's still in the box. But can totally understand how this could be a perfect buy too.

    I love water wipes and we're still using them at 11 months. But some of my mum friends hate them as they are too wet so maybe dont buy in bulk in advance.

    Our carrier is a life saver as we have 2 dogs so it's easier to use than the pram sometimes. It was handy for unsettled days where baby wouldn't be put down too. Also, agree that a travel system where the car seat attaches to the pram is really helpful as still using that now when little one is napping and have to pop in somewhere. 

    I use my nappy bin and changing table constantly when I know most people just change on bed/sofa and use nappy bags. 

    Basically no right and wrongs and I think there will always be some things we don't use. Just remember you can always pop out and get whatever you don't have so don't panic :) 

  • I love our nappy bin too, Dinky! Can see why people wouldn't think it's worth the extra expense but I find it so convenient.

  • Best buy: Flopsy Bunny rattle from Waterstones. Best £8 i ever spent. 

    Worst buy: Travel system. Do not buy one. Get a pushchair and either a baby carrier (not ISOFIX, it was great until we found out no actual car seats fitted!) or a combination car seat that is good from birth. Spent £330 on a Joie system when we could have spent half that had we known my Daughter isn't quite 6 months old and the only part we can use is the pushchair, as she is too heavy for me to carry her in the baby carrier anymore! 

  • Best buys: Perfect prep - absolute life changer. First time round around i was a BF mum, this time I was a bottle feeder with no idea what I was doing.This was a godsend and 3 months in I don't know what I would do without it; Bumbo seat  - trying to prevent his flat head from getting worse or permanent at 3 months old(!) plus it helps him learn to sit up and explore the world around him; carrier - my boy is a monster in size so impossible to carry around while prepping dinner or doing household chores normally so this is a life saver; Mamaroo - love having this for him to nap in during the day or in the evening downstairs with me so I don't have to keep him in a cot out of my sight. Travel System with Maxi cost adaptors - sooo convenient for a quick school run if you have to use the car for a portion of it, or just whip out quickly to a shop.

    Worst buys: baby bath - what is the point, especially with your second child? May just as well spend the money on a lie down bath seat and save on the space (and time if you can bath two children together); Top and Tail bowl - a couple of pots from in the kitchen cupboard will do with a ball of cotton wool. My T&T is currently being used for bath toys, and was previously storage for wipes/various sanitary items; hooded towel - don't go out and buy. If you get as a present then great, otherwise a normal towel works just fine and can actually be more snuggly. 

  • Obviously each Baby is different but so far these have been great for us:

    Ewan the sheep - helps our little one go down at night in the crib

    Britax Affinity system - only used carrycot and car seat part so far but it is amazing. Fold us really Small and compact for taking in the car. It’s light enough for me to handle on my own and carry cot has strap inside which makes my little one deel really secure. Just love everything about it.

    Shnuggle Bath - fab little ridge means baby is held upright so you have a hand free to actually wash! 

     not sure about wastes yet... probably the amount of blankets we got given but sure they will come in later. 

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