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My baby and just turned 8 months

I have been putting her in little shoes in the cold as she hates snowsuits, didn't want to but they were getting cold.. so no horrible comments it had to be done. 

I have been worrying about the size of her feet and if it's normal or anyone else have the same problem. 

As said she is 8 months and currently in 6-9 clothes... size 4 nappies and is 17.5 lbs so she is the perfect size apparently.

However buying the shoes. I have found none even come close to fitting, 0-3 are way to small.. she's getting there bit very slowly.

Surely her feet should be bigger.. I'm worried as when she walks I'll have to buy proper shoes... if I can't even find pram shoes, Clark's aren't going to be helpful and it could be anytime now!

I go doctors and clinic regularly and no-one has made any comments.

I was just wondering if this was normal? To still basically be in Newborn shoes... or a rare 0-3?

I'm worried her feet aren't growing quick enough? They have grown.. bit not really that much?



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