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Uncertain about the safety of a gift.

I am new to all of this, so please forgive me if you think my concerns are silly. My dd was gifted a rather special Steiff comforter. The fabrics are gorgeously soft and to be honest the item itself is lovely, with a really friendly face. I would love to let her have it, but my concern is the famous 'button in the ear'. How secure are they? Are they safe if chomped down on? Can my dd remove it easily without my knowledge? Here is a link of the item gifted

I was assured by the gifter that the products had be stringently tested for safety and wouldn't be available for a baby if there was any doubt. I'm just after reassurance really. Has anyone got experience of these products?


  • Honestly it seems fine :) it says that it’s suitable from birth and conforms to safety standards,  wouldn’t worry, give the button a good tug and if it won’t shift then it’s fine, if you are still worried you could either remove it or cover it up until  Your baby’s older? Like wrap some fabric around the ear like a bandage and tie it off or cover it up by stitching over it with a small fabric square xx 

  • Steiff is a really expensive good brand, so like Rebecca says, i reckon it's safe and not worrying. Just wait til your baby is on the move and they start picking u anything on the floor to eat - then you've got to have eyes in the back of your head! 

  • That is a really thoughtful question to ask and shows you're a dedicated mama! I was able to avoid that concern because my dd was a little older but we got her the Pooh Bear set directly from and we could not be happier! They are high quality bears so im sure you wont have to worry
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