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Dad visitation and how much


My baby's dad, baby is going to be 9( months when he is up, and will not have seen or even asked about her since Feb (3 whole months) we have been to mediation and had/have a plan in place however he ruined this by not seeing her for so long he currently lives in Scotland and I Tunbridge wells! He now works from home and has stated he will be up for 2 weeks. 

Previously he I agreed the 'weekend' a month he is down to spend Saturday getting to know her and her him, and then taking her for just a few hours outside my home on the Sunday. He agreed to this and even promised he would he down at least once a month. 

So I guess I'm just unsure what to do in this situation as I feel I will not have a life for 2 weeks I am still OK with him having her for 4 hours on the Sunday's, But he has said he wants to come round all day everyday for 2 weeks.. that's a bit long and to much for a baby as he has again let himself become a stranger. 

I wanted to know If it would be to bad to say no to a few days in the fortnight as I don't want her routine disrupted. like he could just see her a hour before bed. And other days to go out and about also his mum's where he will be staying. So Olivia gets to know him everywhere.. not just my house. 

I'm just wondering about suggestions as he is unrealistic and unreliable  moat of the time. I want him to of course see her and have her but I think this 3 month gap.. it would be to mumuch in one go.. 

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