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Not baby related- bleeding 6 weeks post birth - how long did you bleed for post birth?

hi ladies,

Just wondering how long you bled for after giving birth or C section?

I had a natural birth on 13th April. Had about 3 weeks of bleeding which, I know was my lochia (the smell) and then I noticed this changed to a browny yellowy light discharge. Since that within the next day or 2 I have then been bleeding really heavily with no change and I’m wondering whether it’s normal to have your first period for this long (3 weeks Friday) if this is what it is?



  • It could be your period if you’re worried contact your gp xxx

  • Ok thanks- I just didn’t think a period would last this long and come on so soon straight after. Thanks again 🙂

  • After I gave birth my period returned after 3 weeks xxx

  • i bled for 4months after my 2nd daughter (only stopped 3 days ago) they always told me it is different for everyone. Ive had 2 scans but they wouldn't do them till i was 8week PP one showed what they thought was a clot the 2nd a week later showed nothing. Ive stopped the pill which i think was the problem (i started it 8wks pp)... if ur worried your better off going to see a doctor. I think my period started just over 6wks pp but wasnt as bad as i thought it would be -painless but heavy. 

  • Thanks for your reply, that’s the only thing everyone is different.I’ve got my 6 week Check up today so will mention it but I know it’s not my lochia just wondering how long a period lasted for some of you.

    Thanks again x 

  • How did u get on yumtobe 

  • I bleed for 19 weeks sometimes heavier than others .. I wasn’t on any pill or anything which can cause bleeding ... I went for two scans and a histoscopy which Picked up a blood clot but said it shouldn’t be making me bleed... three lots of antibiotics and I collapsed and had to have a d n c which confirmed I retained products ... nothing should smell so if it Does It may be an infection get it checked 

  • 8 weeks post baby now and still bleeding. Just started the pill to try and regulate it but still the same if not more red blood.

    It doesn’t smell and I don’t get period pains anymore like I did it’s just constant but the doctor just says oh it’s your period and everyone’s different.

    I can’t wait to actually have a day from bleeding 10 months of missed period alright 👎🏻👎🏻

    Lillian2410 how long did you have to wait before you was scanned etc?

  • Sounds exactly like what i had. I didnt have pains and was heavy but not like my normal periods since replying to this thread i started a "proper" period and its painful and heavy! Hope i stop after a week this time though. I had my scan 8 weeks pp cant u request one? Some doctors wilp listen if u say your worried and would like one for peace of mind 

  • I think they started to investigate at 8 weeks I had antibiotics then n waited for a scan that I had at 12 weeks pp then again at 15 weeks pp went for histoscopy at 16 weeks pp then fainted around 18 weeks after passing a massive clot n was rushed into a n e where I went for a d n c after that I felt 200 times better. I would go lighter then all of a sudden heavy again but aching thighs ... which I had in labour 

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