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Sex after birth really hurt

hi guys... I had my baby 9 weeks and I had to be cut with stitches! Everything looks healed etc, Me and my husband try sex 3 times and each time it’s painful and after we tried my downstairs where they cut me hurts for weeks! Shall I go doctors?! How long did it take for you to get back in action



  • for about 4 months after I gave birth I felt bruised inside especially after sex i also Got stitched back up, listen to your body and if you’re not ready wait a little longer xx

  • I had a 3b teR and it took me over 6months to heal!

  • Yup, i tried sex 8 weeks after birth (i had countless stitches inside and out) and had to stop - just hurt so much. Took me a good few months to heal inside. 

  • You should go doctors because Stitches can easily get infected and that’s bad news so just be more safe than sorry

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