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3-6 months Swimwear


I’m going on holiday with my 5 month old and looking at sun safe swim wear?  Does anyone have any experience as to whether a two piece or one piece works better?  Did your baby need trousers in an outdoor pool to stay warm??


  • Bearing in mind, you'll have to change the babies nappy after every dip in the pool (cause the pool nappies are like sponges!), i'd recommend a suit you can get the bottoms off easily. So i'd recommend a two piece. No need for trousers, just get a hat with the flaps at the back to cover their head and neck, and plenty of factor 50. Have a lovely holibobs! 

  • Currently in Lanzarote with my 11 month old and the pool is far too cold for him but we have a two peice and a 1 peice and both are fine ... research your area as a lot of people said to me buy nappies wipes blah blah while out there but we didn’t we took everything except the kitchen sink and I’m sooo glad I did as it so expensive nappies are like 12 eruos and milk 18 

     also i brought a breathable cover for our stroller and in my opionin it’s well worth the money 

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