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Trapped wind - 10 weeks

My baby boy is 10 weeks this Thursday and he suffers from trapped wind, he hardly every burps. And then when I’m winding him  will cry alot because of the wind that he can’t bring up

He is bottle fed and is feeding every 2 hours in the day! But he never takes more than 4 ounces at a time. Some times it’s only 1 ounce. My health care visitor doesn’t seemed bothered by this.

My little ones belly also gurgles whilst feeding which leads him to cry and not want his bottle. I’m assuming this is to do with trapped wind too?

does anybody else have this with their little one?

ive tried infacol, gripe water, gaviscon and I’ve also tried the dr brown bottles that everyone raves about, but they haven’t helped at all.

does anybody have any suggestions to help him? I really hope he grows out of it soon. 


  • We used ‘little remedies’ gas drops with our little guy... they helped a lot!! 


  • Hiya, if it just the wond or os he having problems when going toilet? And what milk do u use?

    My now 4 month old had problems with wind, constantly had hiccups, when she went poo it was like water and started to have blood in it also had the horrible gurgling sounds from her belly. Doctor put her on a milk for dairy intolerance and most of the sympoms have gone. She sometimes gets abit of trapped wind but nothing like before and infacol works. Another alternative is to try comfort milk with im surprised your H/V hasnt suggested it as i was told to do that when LO was a few weeks old. 

  • We had similar with my 9 week old. The HV said it could be cows milk protein allergy and the doctor has Prescribed a hydrolysed milk and ranitidine silent reflux. Our baby had bad Colic, crying constantly, awful wind, pulling legs up, would writhe around while being fed, would scream being fed and come off the bottle after hardly having any milk then not go back on it, she would be really hard to settle as well. We tried infacol, colief etc plus all the different bottles to no avail. Since being on the milk for a few weeks we’ve noticed a big difference. Our baby seems happy most of the time now!

    I’ve heard HIPP organic milk is supposed to be amazing for wind, maybe give that a look up and see what you think. It sounds like he maybe could have silent reflux too? 

    Good luck and hope you find a solution soon Xxx

  • Hi, my boy also had the same, tried everything like yourself to help him nothing worked. After a number of visits to the doctors he too had milk intolerance. They didn't seem interested at the beginning as he was putting on weight. He is now 6mths old and is great. Keep pushing the doctors as mine took 4mths for them to take me seriously, wouldn't take to his milk and got advised to start weaning at 5mths. 

  • Gemma303 can I ask what milk your baby is on? We’ve tried aptamil pepti and now trying nutrimigen. The last few days she’s hardly taken any milk so wondering if we need to go even further with the milk and try another. I’ve read some people wean at 4 months, I can’t imagine feeding real food so early! 

    Popsie02 I agree with Gemma303, keep pushing. Don’t take ‘its only colic’ or ‘just a bit of wind’ from the doctors. Speak to your HV again and say youve Tried everything and still no success. Xxx

  • Scottjill my LO was on nutrimigen but it was changed yesterday by the dietician to SMA. nutrimigen is horrible tasting so some babys refuse it. i started mine early on so wasnt a problem. My LO is 4 and half months and have been told i can start to wean. Have u seen a dietician yet? If not maybe hurry that appt as they help loads with what baby can have. I have been told not to give eggs, wheat, dairy, fish ane nuts incase she has more allergies. 

  • My boy got prescribed nutrimigen aswell but because of his age he just wouldn't take it so I bought sma anti refux as he has slient reflux aswell, poor boy, he's still on this milk now and takes it no problem. My doctor advised me to start weaning and i did so at 19weeks due to him not taking his milk and being so sick. He said to start off with week 1 breakfast, week 2 and week 3 introduce dinner then week 4 tea, so by the end of the month he will be on 3 meals a day. He is a much happier baby now, I did get told he will grow out of the intolance and so far I've had no problems since weaning, even the sick has stopped. Hope this has helped alittle. 

  • Hi ya, I’m from the Babies of April group and Danielle had put a post regarding your struggles. I feel for you and your little one. Wind isn’t nice and especially if they can’t bring it up. I would like to say I have some marvellous remedies, but all the things you listed is how I ease my sons gas/wind if he struggled so apologies. Luckily Harvey is a burper as he has infacol about 5mins before his feed to give it time to nurse the stomach before (I burp mid feed too) and then he has 5mls gripe water maybe 3x a day to help  his wind/digestive system (he Pooh’s 3-4times a day but good ones, not diarrhoea) maybe try a warm flannel on his tummy when you feed next? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    My son is 8weeks today and very similar to your sons feeding routine. He’s every 2hours in the day and takes no more than 3oz each time (the odd 4oz as he’s sleeps really well of a night) when I put this acros to a friend as I said I’m worried it’s not enough and she said to me, think if he went 4hours like some babies do. That’s still 6oz he’s taking in 4hours 😳 I then thought, wow! Didn’t look at it that way 😃 

    do let us know how you get on 🤞🏻💙

  • Hi popsie was wondering how LO is getting on or if you have found anything anything that is working for him x

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