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Taking my 7month old to a wedding

ive got a wedding Friday and dont know how to take my baby. She’s 7 months, do i take a buggy? Car seat? Carry her? It’s in a church. 


  • I'd take a buggy but park it outside (weather permitting) and have her on your lap for the service.

    Hope you have a great time x

  • We have been to several wedding you can take buggy but needs to be parked outside or in foyer, I have often carried car seat in if baby asleep or just had him on my lap 

  • We go to church on a regular basis and always take the pram in there is a children's area at the side so plenty of room there and books and toys to keep them entertained.

  • Oh lovely okay! hank you x 

  • Yes I was thinking that. I might jus carry her and chance it lol x

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