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Hearing screenings at birth - my baby has failed them - anyone been through this?

Hi everyone,
I gave birth on the 3rd September and my baby initially failed the newborn hearing test, then failed a week later. I was then sent up to Thomas where they did a more thorough test and it came out that she might have mild hearing loss. She’s got more tests this Tuesday 9th October to test the three other pitches. If these come out the same then she will be referred to a specialist for hearing aids.

She is said to hear normal sounds but unable to hear softer sounds like whispers and if you were to call her in noisy environment for from another room. During the last test she had a congested
During the last test she had a congested nose and a cold which still hasn’t cleared up and only a few days left till the next tests. surely this has an impact on the accuracy of the tests? She also had fluid in her ears In the first test what’s to say she still doesn’t have fluid?

Also she was born ten days early.  How accurate are these tests ? Even without the mentioned factors can we trust these tests? I’m so confused do not want to believe my baby might have mild hearing loss. She seems to react to me whispering her name and footsteps. Please if any of you mammas have had a similar experience please share or if anyone has any information please share. 
Many thanks. 

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