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Baby’s gums ? Teeth? 5 weeks old

hi , my baby boy is 5 weeks tomorrow and I’m sure I can see teeth through the top of  lower gums. He’s not showing signs of teething such at drooling , chewing, red cheeks. Just when he opens his mouth I see 2 white lines On the top. Any advice/ help appreciated. My 2 daughters didn't teeth until 7 months x 


  • I wouldn't worry at all - the teeth are gonna come be it now, or in a few months time, but if you're worried that it starts to get painful, i swear by Anbesol - really numbs the gums - just check you can give it to a baby x

  • Thank you, I will check the age of anything I give him. 

    It just seems so early to be able to see them, my other children were just all gum until 6 months then they popped through at 7. 

    maybe just be an early teether x

  • It does seem early - my eldest only had 2 teeth when she turned 1! But my youngest got hers at about 6 months. They do say the sooner they get the teeth, the better, so might be a good thing? x

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