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Baby's father

Hi I'm 7 weeks in but im not 100% sure that father is my husband. I dont know how common this is, im very stressed and dont know what to do.

My husband and I have been doing it unprotected for two years and noth happened. Late summer I started playing around with this guy from my office.  We had condoms rip a couple times but i didnt make much of it. But now Im certain he might be the father. This wouldnt be a tragedy but my husband and I are white caucasian, the guy from office is black. 

I realise this was a huge mistake and i was reckless doing it. I told my husband I'm pregnant already, but noone from my office. If anyone has advice let me know. 


  • You've been cheating on your husband! Wow. You will know when the baby arrives.

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