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Is this teething?

My 5 month old is drooling and chewing on everything. Pretty fussy but still breast feeding fine. I feel crazy I started getting him with teething with toys and such and people started judging me saying he's not teething his too young. It drives me crazy. Doimageesta this look like teeth?


  • Helping him with teething*

  • I would say so, cool teething rings will really help. All 3 of my lo had at least a tooth by 6m so not to young at all. 

  • My LO has all the same symptoms but he's only 7 weeks. He can't be teething get right? Has anyone else's baby started teething this young?

  • My LO had been drooling since about 3 months old and is now 9 months and still no teeth he has red cheeks and constantly wants to chew but still no teeth.

    I have been told they can come through t any time. My niece didn't get hers until she was over 12 months.

    I swear by Anbesol for his gums and giving him plenty to chew on.

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