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Straining baby

Hi there I’m looking for some advice! My daughter is 10 weeks old (corrected ages 5 weeks) and is bottle fed. She has been suffering recently with straining lots, waking herself up, grunting and breaking wind. She isn’t constipated and is producing nappies that are soft and yellow and green in colour. She has had a few explosion nappies but these have reduced since moving onto HiPP Organic milk. She also is bringing up clear water (I believe this is reflux) which is upsetting her. Is there anything I can do to help her? Someone has suggested she has an allergy but I just don’t know anymore. Want to help her ease her stomach and stop the straining. She has been straining so much that she now has an umbilical hernia. She also when drinking from bottle has started to fuss and break wind as she drinks (not always) she also Spits lots of milk out as she drinks! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you 


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