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Colic & reflux! Help!

Hi all! 

My LO is 3 weeks & 1 day. Around 11 days ago, I recognised signs of colic and my HV confirmed she believed he was suffering with colic too. It always began at 9pm for a few hours. 
We changed baby bottles and began giving him Infacol. We noticed a slight improvement but he was still screaming! We battled on as Infacol takes a while to work. 
Sunday evening he began crying at 6pm and it carried on all night and at 10:30am on Monday, I took him to the doctors, still crying and screaming 😭. The minute the doctor called us, he fell asleep. She thinks he also has reflux so gave us infant gaviscon. She recommended us trying Colic cow & gate also. 
So, we began with Gaviscon and started Colief instead (the dr didn’t rate Infacol).. with the new milk and he slept wonderfully! The bout of colic that evening lasted 20 mins and that was it! 
Next night (last night), it came back with a vengeance. He’s screamed all night, he’s refused milk, he’s drank the odd 2oz here and there, he’s straining and crying, his legs and arms are wild, he eventually managed a poo which was brown and sticky! 💩 it’s now 10am and he has finally fallen asleep - in my arms. 

Ive booked him in with a chiropractor as I’ve heard great things and I’m still using colic bottles and Colief.. please can someone offer any advice. I’m at a total loss. I’ve not slept in a fortnight and I really can’t watch him in agony until this stops - in a few months time 😳😩


  • Infacol and gaviscon can both cause constipation. My 8 week old is on both at the moment. We had to get movacol sachets to help him along with his poops.
    what we found to be great though was baby massage. Our HV referred us for it and a lady came to the house but there’s techniques online. We use the constipation and colic ones and they really do help. I’ve literally seen my baby do poops as I’ve been massaging him so it definitely helps. 
    Our 8 week old was exactly like your baby, screamed as if he was in agony and it was heartbreaking. He’s now chilled right out and only cried when he needs the toilet. The gaviscon takes a while to build up. 
    Also, i know it isn’t advised but because of his reflux ours will only sleep on his tummy. Worth seeing if this helps (supervised obviously) however Arden now sleeps like that at night.
    try to keep in mind it’s only temporary, it definitely will get better I promise 
  • Oh I’m so sorry you are going through this :( it’s so hard watching them like this and knowing we are helpless. Mine haven’t suffered so I’ve really not got anything useful I can share:/ I used coleif with my first as he got trapped wind after each feed and it really helped. You certainly sound like you are doing everything right and doing a great job with your newborn:) Dr Browns bottles are meant to be very effective with colic I’m guessing you are using something similar? Winding after each ounce of milk over your shoulder is very effective ( I’m guessing you’ve tried that though!) Have you tried swaddling for comfort to help with baby flinging the legs and arms around? It helps very much for some babies to feel comforted? Also if I can find the YouTube clip there is a position you can hold a newborn to stop them screaming and it’s truly amazing to watch it’s recommended by a gp! It’s baby laying face down over your arm/wrist and he holds there arms in a certain way really was clever! I’ll get back to you if I find the clip! There is also a swing chair on the market designed for colic but it’s not cheap they lay over it on their tummy! Maybe a pre-loved one just a thought( I’ll try to find a link) I really hope your beautiful bundle of love settles down soon & you get some well deserved rest! Hugs to you x
  • Hi again said I’d look them up for you!! Here they are
    colic/feflux cushion 

  • I’ll try again the pictures aren’t downloading!!
  • I can’t shrink the photo annoyingly but it’s called ( google) babocush support cushion for newborn babies that have colic and feflux Amazon have it etc it has very good reviews:)

    Download YouTube and search also for How to calm a crying baby by Dr Robert Hamilton demonstrates “ The Hold”

    Its worth a try 😊

    Let me know how you get on 

    good luck

    Debbie (MMA)

  • Hello,
    I really hope your little one gets some relief soon! I don't have any experience but i would keep bugging the docs/health visitor etc as a friends baby had similar symptoms and turns out he has CMPA which he now has prescription milk for and doing a lot better.

    Also, try some gentle massage techniques on his tummy... Google has lots of info on it.
    Finally which bottles are you using? I've heard mixed, very favourable results for Dr Brown and Avent anti colic bottles but it might be worth buying a few different brands as one may be more suitable than another... sorry not exactly cheap advice having to buy lots of different ones! You could always contact the bottle companies explaining your predicament and they might send you a sample bottle?!
    Finally a few babies in a group I'm in have had issues with gaviscon and gone onto ranitidine which has worked wonders...

    Lots of bitty advice so I do apologise but just wanted to give you some ideas to try if you haven't already thought of them!

    The cushion that MMA has mentioned above is supposed to be really good too. I have seen a slightly cheaper imitation around but not sure if as good? It was the only thing that one of the babies I read about would sleep on though so the mum used to sit up and watch her so the poor little mite got some uninterrupted sleep 🙈

    Just remember you're an amazing mummy for caring so much and it won't last forever. Not that that helps you now but your baby will be grateful for the emotional comfort you are providing.

    Lots of love xxx
  • There is also a fb group... UK colic and reflux support... might be some good advice on there!
  • Our lo has been the same since around 2 weeks old. It started out like constipation as it would build up until he finally pood. He's now 10 weeks. We tried everything on the market for colic but nothing has worked. For the reflux we had the gaviscon but it made him constipated and for him that was worse than the reflux as this wasn't bothering him. We have also tried lactulose but that made him gassy which made his colic worse. I had started off bf but due to many reasons ended up switching to formula, we started on c+g, tried their comfort milk which constipated him and he is now on aptamil lactose free, we also tried the aptamil anti reflux but again it constipated. 
    You haven't mentioned what formula you are using but it might be worth trying a different one as some babies are better on certain formulas than other. I have noticed an improvement over the last few weeks so there is hope. We were camped out in the living room for first 4 weeks as he would not lie down to sleep unless on us! 
    You got this mama! It will get better! X
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