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How many nappies will i need? Stockpiling now!

RebeccaD09RebeccaD09 Regular
edited Oct 27, 2019 3:19PM in Baby
Hi all,

I’m due my first baby in February 2020, and I’m trying to figure out how many size 2 nappies I will need. I’m trying to stock up on them now whilst I’m getting full pay, as I’ve worked out I will only get SMP when I’m off, and would rather not worry about affording nappies for a while. The size 2 nappies I’m getting are from Aldi, and go up to 13lbs if that helps. I’m not sure if this will have anything to do with the babies weight, but I was 8lbs 6oz and my OH was 8lbs 13oz, so I’m expecting the baby to be in around the same weight range. TIA x


  • You will need some size 1 nappies too potentially some size 0. I use Tesco own brand and they are so cheap, like 90p a pack. My little girl was born small and is now 10 weeks old and still in size 1 nappies. I wouldn’t get more than 5-6 packs of each size as I would worry about them growing as all babies grow at different rates. 
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