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Not sure what to do after maternity?

Im due at the start of June, and i’m not sure what to do with regards to care for the littlen after my maternity leave. this will be my first. unfortunately my mum isn’t well at all, and therefore she’s unable to help with care after maternity. and my partners mum has said she would not be able to help us. 

Just to confirm this pregnancy was a surprise and was a shock to the system, hence no plan in place lol. 

We are both 23, we have a mortgage and unfortunately unable to stay at home past my 6 months maternity due to income. 

I’m panicking so much, I don’t know what other options there are out there.
Any advice is really really appreciated  :s  <3 


  • @bxw
    It's a stressful thing to think about isnt it!! I'm due in July. I  have been looking into Matt leave, not sure where you're located but here in Canada you can have your 16 week Matt leave, then there Is parental leave and 2 different kinds. 
    There are a few daycares in the area I will be checking out, I just know they are expensive! I am going to be looking for a job I can do from home so I can stay and look after baby
  • Our LO is going into nursery after my maternity is finished as we don't have family nearby either. Is nursery an option for you? Or a childminder?
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