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baby feeding to much?!

I have a 4 week old baby that is taking 8oz bottles and still crying after for it? he is bottle fed on the cow and gate and the health visitor has said to give him it but hes been crying after the 8 now at night and taking 10oz and sleeps for 4 hours before getting up for a feed again. Sometimes he might just take the 3 or 4 and go back to sleep. Im afraid of over feeding him, 10oz at 4 weeks old just seems so much. 

Has anyone tried the hungrier baby milk? My HV had advised against it but I'm unsure what to do or to just keep giving him what he wants on the 1st milk. 


  • How much is he taking in total per day? And how often are you weighing him, and how much does he weigh? 10oz does seem like a lot but if you HV isn't concerned then I'd imagine it's nothing to worry about? 

    Personally I've not tried hungry baby milk and it seems 50:50 whether it helps babies or not from what I've seen. It does make me wonder if the ones it 'helps' just happened to change their behaviour by chance at the same time (ie. finished a growth spurt or similar), so then people assume it must be the hungry baby milk that caused it. 
  • He would have around 40-48oz per day but not every day is the same with him, every bottle is different with him now, he could take 3oz then sleep 4 hours and wake up and drain 8-10oz an sleep only 2 hours an wake looking more, health visitor isn't bothered at all by it. He was 10lbs 12 last week an gets weighed fortnightly as he was quite jaundice when he was born an lost weight even though we were feeding him every 3 hours. 

    Tried to hungrier baby milk an he screeched us out with wind and was very unsettled on it. We were told to just keep doing what we are doing, we just don't have a routine at all with him. 
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