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11 month year old refusing food

Was hoping for some advice - my 11 month yr old has recently started becoming really fussy with his evening meal. He suddenly refuses to let me feed him but also refusing a lot of what I offer him.
He eats his breakfast fine (I feed him), he feeds himself his lunch (I will give him his yogurt) but the past few weeks he keeps hitting my hand away at tea time. 
I've tried a variety of things such as changing when he has it, eating together as a family etc. I managed to get into the routine of us all sitting together at tea time eating the same thing and him feeding himself but The last 2 days it's reverted back. As a result of him not eating I have been taking the food away and not giving him anything else but I feel so bad. I just want him to eat his meals again. Any advice welcome 😊


  • Can you pinpoint anything that's changed at the same time he started refusing dinner?

    Does he seem happy in himself at dinner time? Or is he acting fussy/hungry/grumpy?

    There are so many things that it could be... maybe he's tired? Maybe he needs less milk/snacks in the run-up to dinner? 

    Unless you're worried about him being underweight or losing weight it might be something he grows out of if you just keep offering him food? I'd recommend a quick call to your health visitor though if you're concerned. They see a lot of babies so they may be able to give some useful advice.
  • What does his day/routine look like in terms of milk, snacks, food, naps etc?
  • Thanks for your response. I can't pinpoint anything specifically- he is such a happy baby and everything else in his day is great - he sleeps 12 hrs at night, has 2x 1.5hrs naps, 2 bottles (adds up to the recommended amount). I've not changed anything in what I do in the day. He isn't having any snacks in between food just his 3 meals which have been around the same time everyday. I think I will speak to the HV as like you say they will have seen many babies. Weight wise he is fine and as I said earlier a very happy and content baby. I am hoping its just a phase!
  • Could you list his daily routine with rough times? I have an 11 month old, his routine is roughly:

    6-7am Wake up, 6oz formula
    8.30ish Breakfast
    9-10.30ish Nap
    11am 4oz Formula
    1pm Lunch
    2-3pm ish Nap
    3pm 4oz Formula
    5pm Dinner
    7pm-8pm 6oz Formula and bed

    There's some variation of course, at the moment we're going through an interesting patch where he's trying to drop his afternoon nap. Yesterday he skipped his nap, got very upset as the afternoon went on and then refused dinner. Today he skipped his nap but was absolutely fine, but then I did make sure I gave him easy to eat food today for dinner.

    Generally speaking, I get the impression that if we haven't changed anything in their routine then any changes are due to developmental leaps or phases. If we adapt when we can pinpoint what's changed for them and remain consistent if there isn't anything obvious then it all seems to even out eventually.
  • Routine is something like:

    7am Wake up, 9oz formula
    8.30ish Breakfast
    9.45-11.15ish Nap
    12pm Lunch
    2.30-4pm ish Nap
    4.45-5pm Dinner
    6.45-7 9oz Formula and bed

    I have been in contact with the HV about him dropping his milk but they were OK with it - any I offered in the day he would only take 1-2oz. 

    Sometimes he misses his afternoon nap if we're out (he just doesn't want to sleep unless he's in the cot Haha!) But he is still the same and is never too bad mood wise.

    I know what you mean with changing and staying consistent. I've always done this when needed. I definitely think he's recently gone through a leap and has become a lot more independent wanting to do things for himself which I partly think has been part of why he's been like that at dinner time. I just want ideas about what else I can try to help with his dinner time. I wish they could tell us!!
  • Haha, he sounds very similar to my little boy. My son is still a milk monster though so I think we'll be keeping the feeds for awhile yet, he sometimes cries during the day after he finishes his 4oz bottles cause he wants more 🙈

    It sounds like you're probably doing everything you could be doing tbh. Hopefully you'll peak his interest/he'll pick it back up soon as you offer him new things. 😊
  • Thank you. Good luck with your little one 😊
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