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4 month old sleeping help

Hey guys, hoping someone can give me some advice to stop me sending myself crazy. 

My little boy is nearly 4 month old (16 weeks on Friday) and has always been pretty good at sleeping during the night. 

He settles for bed at around 7.30pm and I dream feed before I go to bed between 10 and 11pm and he would wake up at around 7.30am the following morning and only wake up for one night feed usually around 4pm and has occasionally slept through the night.

However over the last 2 weeks he has been waking up around 45 minutes after bedtime and will go straight back to sleep if I pop his dummy back in. He has also started waking for his night feed a few hours earlier which I don’t mind but will wake up once in the middle of the night after his feed and about 6 in the morning and have a little roll around and make noises to himself but will send himself back to sleep without any help or from his dummy. 

P.s I never rock him to sleep, he goes down in the cot awake with his dummy: 

Any help as to why he’s started waking 45 minutes after bed and what I can do to stop this. 


  • Hey hun, babies hit sleep regressions every few months as they develop, their brain is becoming more active. Its very hard when they hit them. Both of mine went through this my daughter was the worst. Not all babies do go through it some just bob on. Your doing everything right and soon enough he will hopefully start sleeping again through the night. Of you google baby sleep regression at 4 months old ot should shed a little more light into it. I was driven crazy with my daughter (now 5 ) but it does even out and get easier. Xx
  • Thank you so much for your help, good to know there is an answer! 

    Do I need to do anything different to help him or just stick to our routine? I did recently stop swaddling him as he started to roll onto his side so I’m wondering if that’s not helping as well! 
  • Aww yeah he's at the exact stage now...woth him rolling over that may be bringing him into a lighter sleep and he's waking up most of the time when he's doing it. I would stick to your routine I did with both of mine and they eventually got used to it being bed time, I feel your frustration I really do..there truly is nothing harder than a baby who won't stay he wanting to be fed everyone he wakes ? Xx
  • Yes he wants feeding all the time, he’s always been a greedy baby and large for his age but about a month ago went through about 2 weeks of being so fussy on the bottle and now he’s gone the complete opposite and is eating double the amount he normally does! 

    He was successful rolling from back to front today and strangely after being put to bed he hasn’t woken up so it will be interesting to see what happens tonight and in the next upcoming days! 

  • Aww its very trial and error at the moment isnt it. He will go back to sleeping through again hope its sooner rather than later! Its very hard isnt it when they don't sleep xx
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