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3 month old waking after being put to bed - help!

AmandaHotjewAmandaHotjew Regular
edited Mar 7, 2021 8:04AM in Baby
How to I break this habit?
baby is 3 months. Manages to go down reasonably well between 7-8pm. But wakes 45 minutes later and WILL NOT sleep again until 11pm. We try milk, rocking, singing, music, heartbeats, leaving her alone, nappy change, more milk, burping. Nothing!!! Help


  • Hello hun, I know it’s a nightmare I went thru it with my little girl.. what I’ve started dojng is putting my girl in the bath about 7/8 ish, and using a bed time bath bubble bath little angels, and she gets out the bath plays for about half hour and falls asleep, and stays there until 7/7.30 in the morning xx
  • my little little girl is 1 in 6 days x
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