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5 week old oral thrush

Hi everyone was wondering if anyone could give any advice or has a little baby with thrush. She has a white tounge which has now been confirmed as thrush. 5 days ago I was prescribed nystatin 4 times a day 1ml. But her tounge is still white and doesn't seem to be going. Could it be milk? Or does it take longer to go. She had it since 1 week old but I was told it was milk now being told its thrush. If anyone can help or give advice would be great. Thankyou 😃


  • Hi,
    My 4 month old boy has trush as well. Doctor prescribed nystan. At the beginning I thought it's working but obviously not. So I think you're in the same situation. The worst part is that he can't proper eat. We'll see doctor in few days so hopefully she will give us something different. 
  • Are you bottle feeding or breastfeeding? If breastfeeding then it's not uncommon for the infection to pass from baby to mum and from mum to baby. So normally you'll both need to be treated in that case. 

    I'd assume that sterilising bottles would get rid of it from the bottle teats if you're bottle feeding. Worth checking to be sure though. 

    When I got thrush I was prescribed Miconazole oral gel. It's normally used directly in babies mouths but in my case I applied to to my nipple before breastfeeding so we both got treatment at the same time. 
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