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Keeping babies cool

Hi everyone. 

I have a 11 week old baby girl (FTM) 

Any tips for keeping her cool in this lovely warm weather. I live in a top floor flat and it's true what they say, heat does rise!  

It's so hot. On my gro egg 2 it's showing 27° 

I have the balcony door open and a fan on. My baby is just in a nappy and a vest. 

Thank you 😊 


  • It is hard to know what to do isn't it! I have found that the last few nights we our son has slept in just a onesie, rather than vest and onesie, and with the fan on in his room. He has quite poor circulation so I wanted to keep him covered up, but not sure if this is right. 

    Sounds like you're doing the right thing :) sorry this isn't much help! X
  • Our little girl (5 weeks) sleeps in just a nappy most nights at the moment, as it's so warm. 
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