am i being dense???

Sorry but i really cannot figure out what AF stands for...I know it is your period which i havnt had, four months in grr!but cant figure out the letters lol....


  • ha ha i still dont get it....:\?
  • It's just an old fashioned name for your period... like 'Aunt Flo's coming to town' when you're going to get your period.

    Youre not being dense by the way - i still don't know what BD'ing stands for - i know it means having sex but i don't know what it's short for - i always thing 'badoing!' lol x
  • Dont worry it took me a while to work out what af stood for!

    And I didn't know what BD'ing meant either until now! :lol:
  • lol someone should start a thread with all the baby related abbreviations!you should see the ttc forum...not one full word!!!
  • :lol: :lol: @badoing really im nearly wetting myself thats so funny .....there was a thread im not sure how to find it ....i know most of the abbreviations now although im sure there is ones on ttc that i dont but i dont need to go on there now as im NEVER having any more :lol: :lol: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • The list of abbreviations is under chat room rules at the top of the forum index. It sometimes more interesting not knowing though!
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