5 months later and im still......

......crossing my legs to sneeze. LOL

I dont know why coz my perinial area is up to scratch lol. I think its habit where I have had 3 pg in 3 years my body now thinks its normal. :roll:


  • 12 months later and Im still making "ooooooooooohhh" " OUchhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and "aaarggghhhhhhhhhhh" Noises when trying to get up of the sofa!!!
  • lmao palmtree hahaha xx
  • HE he he......... I remember being terrified to 'do a number 2' For a week after having my perinium stitched!!!!! I held on till I nearly burst!!!
  • Lol Elaine I am like that too!!!! As for no. 2's palmtree I was too scared to go and in the end I couldn't!!!!! Had to get lactulose and fibre stuff off the midwife as I was in agony!!!! Oh no one tells you about the joys after having a baby!!! xxxx
  • Lmao ppl.
    I still do the whole cross leg thing to cough or sneeze. As for wees and poos I never had a probelm after giving birth coz I had 'fast poo' (as the kids refer to it) after giving birth so didn't really have a choice weather I could hold on or not. (sorry tmi) LoL.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • lol Katie!!! Whilst having a baby all your dignity just goes straight out the window! When I was in labour I went for a bath, but my contractions really started up and where so painful, it took 4 midwives to get me out!!! After that I just didn't care anymore! xxxx
  • I remember the midwife & my OH dragging me up the bed kicking & screaming cos I didn't want to be laid flat but couldn't move!!! I was probably screaming I'm gonna die or something, I really can't remember....

    Sneezing is fine though. Gabe was a c-sec baby in the end ;\)
  • If you go thru my previous posts there is one called "Embarrassing" that has loads of funny labour stories on! it was sooo funny.
  • I couldn't beleive how happy I was after doing my first poo after giving birth! It took forever though! lol

  • I'm still scared about going to the toilet for a num 2 and its been nearly 3weeks, i'm eating so much fruit, veg and fibre to help lol.

    Alex & Evie xxx
  • Tell you what though... i thought my first proper wee after birth was better than poo. I purposly drank as much as i could, and held on for as long as i could and my god.... it felt like i was weeing for hours.. bliss! x
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